"This course covered all aspects of slow speed skills. A great knowledge base for continued practice to learn needed skills for slow speed maneuvering. Outstanding class."


 Sean W. (Prorider Columbus Ohio)

"For all my motorcycle friends. We took an 8 hour advanced riding course yesterday.

I cannot say enough good things about this company. The instructors are incredibly skilled (it was amazing), very kind, and relaxed but focused teaching. All applicable to any size/type bike and any style of riding. Emphasis on how each skills relates to every day riding, and developing safe, confident management of difficult or dangerous (frequent) street/road/ situations. Precision slow riding, escape routes, etc. It was incredibly challenging.

Even after 15 yrs and 40k miles of long distance, heavy traffic, mountain, flat, all weather and crazy roads riding, I learned exactly how much I do not know, cannot manage, and absolutely need to master.

I wish I had pics and video but we were way to focused and busy to even attempt.

Sharing in case anyone would like to check them out. Group and private lessons. Great people."

                                                               Amy F. (Prorider Columbus Ohio)

"Vast improvement in skills in a short time due to excellent instruction."

Joe C. (Prorider Columbus Ohio)

"These guys are top notch. The program is an excellent way to build skills, build confidence and have more fun riding. Plus, these guys make it all fun and are super supportive. I will be one of their many repeat customers. I highly recommend ProRider Pittsburgh."

- Eric Trow

"After more than 40 years of riding motorcycles, I took this course and came away with more confidence than ever. Some of the skills I learned were things I had already been doing, but it was nice to learn why and the physics behind it. I plan on taking the course again, to both improve my skills further and also just for the enjoyment of it. I highly recommend it to anyone that rides."

- Paul R.